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Gaya Island is the biggest island within the TAR Park, it’s the only island with an inhabitant. The water village is pretty unique and could be clearly seen from the mainland or the Kota Kinabalu city. The water village is actually being inhabited by the refugees from The Philippines who fled to Sabah during the civil war in the 1970s. It is actually an illegal settlement and considered dangerous by the authority and the locals. Therefore, it is a no-no to visit the water village.
However, the other parts of the island are still safe for a visit as well as the other islands around it. Gaya Island actually has the top resort in the state, such as the Gayana Marine Resort, Gaya Island Resort, Bunga Raya Resort and also Marine Ecology Research Center, as well as a diving centre, Dive Downbelow Beach House.

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Attraction: Gayana Island, Bunga Raya Island Resort, Gayana Island Resort, GayanaMarine Resort, Borneo Reef World Pontoon, diving with Down Below Dive Centre and jungle trekking, coral flyer, zipline and the other beach and water activities.
i) GayanaIsland Resort (Booking.comAgoda
ii) GayanaMarine Resort (Booking.comAgoda)
iii) Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa (Booking.comAgoda)
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Entry Fee: N/A
Getting there: Special arrangement can be made, check with any tour operator at the Jesselton Point.
Location: TAR Park, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
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