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Sabah is home to 32 different ethnics, with over 40 different languages and different beliefs. Back in the days, before the era of modernization change everything and everyone, people depending on their life a lot on nature starting from their house, foods, clothing, tools, and equipment were all came from nature and live harmonically with nature unlike today, nature is depending on us. 
Mari Mari Cultural Village an interactive museum, built in the countryside in the nature, would give you the experience and the education of almost every different ethnics in Sabah through their different types of traditional houses, clothing, and custom, their daily life, and their culture and festival. Traditional performance and cooking would be presented to visitors too and you will get to taste to their traditional foods and drink.  
Reminder, bring mosquito repellant with you.

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Attraction: Houses of different ethnics, cooking and cultural experience, cultural performance, cooking demonstration, food and drink tasting, etc.
Accommodation: No accommodation available but you may book your accommodation in the nearest town of Inanam or Kota Kinabalu here ( / Agoda)
Business Hour: Time slot 10AM, 2PMand6PMonly.
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Getting there: Hotel pickup is provided, 30 minutes driving from Kota Kinabalu
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