Sulug Island, TAR Park

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It’s an empty island located a bit further away in between the Manukan and Mamutik Island. It is actually a beautiful island but for some reasons it is has been remained undeveloped and no tourist or visitor going there. However you may still be allowed to camp here but remember there is nothing in this island, it will be like back to basic life, bring all the necessary items shall you want to camp here and arrange your return boat in advanced.

Attraction: Quite beach, beautiful island for camping 
Accommodation:No accommodation available but camping is allowed 

Business Hour:
Entry Fee: There will be a different price for arranging a trip to Sulug Island as it is a bit further away and this beautiful island isn’t being commercialized yet for an unknown reason.
Getting there: Get a 30min journey boat from the Jesselton Point, check the tour operators there for an arrangement.
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