Sipadan Island

Diving Go Travel Island & Beach Semporna

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Sipadan Island doesn’t need any introduction, if you search on Google for the best or top diving spots in the world, you would find Sipadan Island, it’s Barracuda Point to be exact ranked as No.1 or No. 2 at least on almost all traveling and diving websites.

With over 3000 species of marine life, people say that diving in Sipadan is like diving in a fish tank or aquarium, that you would never see so many marine life anywhere else but here in Sipadan. The island is a protected marine park, no overnight stay allowed on the island and also you’ll need a permit to dive there to protect the island’s nature. Only 120 permits given a day and those permit could be obtained from the diving center or school on the mainland or the nearby Island such as Mabul Island.

Attraction: Diving and snorkelling
Accommodation: / Agoda
Business Hour:
Entry Fee: Refer to your diving centre.
Location: Semporna Sabah
Getting there: Get yourself to Semporna town, via air from the nearest Tawau Airport or by air or land transport from Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan town.
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