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We might have heard many story versions of a son who became rich and disowned his mother who ended up cursed and turned to stone. Well, the same legend applies to Supirak Island, a man named Supirak who left his village, turned rich and disowned his mother. One day, the wealthy Supirak ship was sailing close to his old village, a mother (Ody Gerawang) that he had left for many years was so happy and excited to hear the news that his son has returned. She tried to meet his son but Supirak has turned arrogant and snobbish, refused to admit Ody Gerawang as his mother as he was ashamed of her for being old, dirty and poor. It was a sad legend as the mother last wish was just to hug his long lost son but was refused as well.

The heartbroken mother than pray to God, to give her a sign that if that man on his ship is really his son, he will be turned into stone. That was what needed, Supirak, his ship and all his crew were cursed and turned into a big stone.

Nobody knows the truth but the question for you to answer is, how did nature have agreed completely to form such a perfect ship made of stone or rocks formation.

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Attraction: Swimming, beach activities, exploration
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: Malubang Village, Pitas, Kudat
Getting there: Hire a boat from the fisherman Malubang Village
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