Berhala Island

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Berhala Island located in Sandakan has a strong prominent history, which had become a quarantine camp for labourer from China and the Philippines during World War II.

Berhala strong attraction is actually the high cliff at one end of the island and a beautiful beach next to it. It is actually a big island with a fisherman village can be found on that island. Even though it is not being commercialised yet as a tourism destination, it is easy to get there, just hire local fisherman boat from the Sandakan Central Market which would only cost a few RM.

Bear in mind, there is no accommodation on this island and the beach or the island, in general, isn’t well managed.

Attraction: The cliff, jungle trekking, rock climbing & beach
Accommodation: / Agoda / No accommodation on the island, stay on the mainland
Business Hour:
Entry Fee: RM7 boat round trip
Location: Sandakan, Sabah
Getting there: Get a boat from the Sandakan Central Market
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