Libaran Island

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Libaran is a small island located 45 minutes boat journey from Sandakan town. It has a small inhabitant and what makes this island is special, it’s located really close to the Turtle Islands which made it as well a destination for the turtle to lay eggs. Even though it’s not located within the protected area, Libaran has its own turtle sanctuary & hatchery program runs by an NGO. Libaran used to be an unsafe place for turtles to land and to lay eggs due to the threats from the local villages and outsiders who will come to collect their eggs for consumption and trades. Other than that, the turtle’s meat has a high value in the market too.

Do you know it is actually illegal to trade and consume turtle egg in Sabah? Yes is it, breaching the law will end you up with RM50,000 fine or 5 years in prison. However, the weak enforcement by the authority made it turtle still under threat. Sabah and Sarawak are the only states in Malaysia that have a law to protect this its wildlife, the turtle to be specific.

Let’s increase the awareness of wildlife protection in general and visiting Libaran Island would actually support the NGO who running the conservation activity.

Attraction: Turtles conservation activity and beach activity & the fisherman village
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