Balambangan Island

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Balambangan Island is the 2nd biggest island located in north of Kudat division, just next to Banggi island. It is actually inhabited by a small number of fisherman and other than that, it just a white long stretch beaches and tropical jungle. The main attraction here is the limestone caves known to be over 20 of them that has some archaeological findings dated back to the Pleistocene, as old as few hundred thousand years ago and that’s actually during the ice age year.

Balambangan Island is also known as a ‘Treasure Island’ as the local folks believe that a Chinese/British ship full of gold sank within its water and yet to be found. For your information as well, Balambangan is the British first colony in Sabah during the year of 1803, that was actually before Singapore in 1819.

However, one thing about this island, be careful with the aggressive saltwater crocodile there.

Attraction: Beach, jungle, limestone caves & saltwater crocodile
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Location: Kudat, Sabah
Getting there: Take a boat from Banggi Island
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