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Banggi Island

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Banggi Island, 440 square km, it is the biggest island in Malaysia apart of Sabah itself is actually a state island itself. The population is 30,000 approximately and mostly live in Limbuak, fishing and farming is the main economic activities on this island. Beaches are beautiful and untouched and less touristy, however, beware of the saltwater crocodile. We do not know the safety and threat level poses by the crocodile, as the islands around it do have a great diving and snorkeling spots. That is probably one reason why Banggi isn’t being commercialized to be a tourist destination despite its beauty.
Banggi Island is also surrounded by more 10 other small islands which are beautiful and worth to visit as well. Since it is not a tourist destination, therefore, do not expecting so much. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Banggi island, just be careful and do not expect too much.

Attraction: Beach activities, diving, snorkeling, fishing
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Getting there
: 1 and half hour ferry from Kudat town to Banggi
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