Batu Tulug Cave

It is limestone cave, 39 meters high and to be believe as old as 20-25 millions years. It is a cave turned into a museum, where  hundred of coffins resemble different animals associated to the belief of the Orang Sungai, dated back to 200 to 250 years can be found here. There are Chinese coffins too, those who once settling in the area too. Other artefacts can be found as well such as gongs, spears, blowpipes and other personal ornaments.

Attraction: Caves, old coffins and other artefacts
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Business Hour: Daily 9am – 5pm
Entry Fee: Malaysian RM2 / Non-Malaysia RM15, student, disable, senior & taxi driver, Free of charge
Location: Sandakan, Sabah 
Getting there: Drive or arrange a transport
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Phone: +6 089 565 145 / 551 062
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