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Kelambu Beach

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Located in the North of Sabah, Kudat district, 3 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu. It is an island known as an island with 2 beaches and connected by a 200 meters sandbar to the mainland. This island/beach is quite secluded and the locals are expecting it to remain like that forever, away from all the loud and crowded tourist.
Since it is not a tourist spot, there are no public amenities here. However, the water is quite dangerous for swimming due to strong riptide. Just do not go far away from the beach if you want to swim, the local authority has installed a warning sign. Other than that, this beach is still a perfect spot for a family picnic, BBQ, camping, etc. The water is rich with plankton which mean at night you’ll see a blue or green colour trail if you touch the water.

AccommodationNo accommodation available, camping might be allowed
Attraction: Beach and water activity, camping, night sky watching and photography
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Location: Kudat, Sabah
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It is connected to the mainland by a sand bar
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