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Maliangin Island

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Maliangin Island is also known as the Coral Island is a slice of heaven. Consist of two islands and the biggest one is only 1.5 square km in size, has been selected as a model island in the Tun Mustapha Park. It has a good representation of marine and coastal habitats such as coral reefs, seagrass, rocky shores and sandy beaches that are turtle nesting sites. Compare to the other sites in Banggi Island, Maliangin is the most preserved and richer in marine life. It is located in Kudat division, in the south of Banggi Island with

However, Maliangin wasn’t spared from human threats such as fish bombing, cyanide fishing and other forms of destructive fishing practices.

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Attraction: Beautiful natures, the beach, marine life, diving, snorkelling, floating village, floating homestay/hostels, the locals and seafood.
Accommodation: Maliangin Resort
Business Hour:
Entry Fee:
Location: Banggi, Kudat
Getting there: Boat from Banggi or Kudat town
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