Selakan Island

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Selakan is the most populated island within the Semporna water region that it has a school to carter students from the other islands around it. The population are mixed of local and the sea gipsies who have started building permanent houses than just staying on the boat. The island is beautiful, the locals are friendly, the beach and the sunset view is stunning while the underwater if rich and diverse.

Attraction: Few beaches, snorkelling and diving sites.
Accommodation: There are two diving lodges on this island (Selakan Dive Lodge – Airbnb & Luma’s Selakan – Fb) but since it’s limited the mainland is just 25 minutes by boat. Check out / Agoda
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Location: Semporna, Sabah
Getting there: Boat transfer from Semporna town
Further Reading:, FB-Selakan Dive Lodge, FB-Red Divers Borneo

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