Snake Island

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Yes! You read it right, it’s an island in Sabah, next to Tiga Island located in Kuala Penyu district, is home to thousand of  Laticauda colubrina, the world most poisonous sea snakes.  Laticauda colubrina venom is up to 4 more times more potent than cobras. Therefore, you will only be allowed to visit the island with a tour guide.

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Attraction: Seeing the sea snakes while is sleeping is the only attraction and during the mating season will be the time countless of snakes sunbathing on the island.
Accommodation: Stay at Tiga Island resorts or the mainland. / Agoda
Business Hour:
Entry Fee: No entry fee but tour to the island is RM40
Location: It is next Tiga Island in Kuala Penyu district.
Getting there: Get a tour package from the mainland or from Tiga Island

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